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Fertilives initiative solves three problems at once: reducing food waste, empowering people in need, and providing organic fertilizer for home gardens. The three product lines developed and sold are red wigglers, worm castings, and worm tea. We believe success begins with accesshence we provide training on how to cultivate the worms, utilize the worm castings and produce the worm tea.
In 2017 in collaboration with Rainier School members of CityU Enactus Team train the developmentally disabled residents to establish and maintain a sustainable business in organic fertilizer.  In 2018 Fertilives extended its partnership by collaborating with Operation: Sack Lunch.  We adopted a "zero waste" approach by processing the food waste from recycled meals used by Operation: Sack Lunch. These meals are from company cafeterias, such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon.
Project Leader
Valentina Cercado

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