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Seeing over 11,000 people in King County who experience homelessness and/or struggle with low income, the Enactus CityU team has been working on projects with the Millionaire Club Charity (MCC) to improve their lives with jobs. 


We solved one of their problems by developing and implementing a phone program with the Millionaire Club Charity, to enable the MCC to transform into a temporary staffing agency.  Now the Enactus CityU team wanted to solve the challenge of job seekers not finding the services to help them prepare for jobs and reach a broader audience. 

The Enactus CityU team took this phone project to a higher level by developing the One Text Away service to provide communication service for organizations to their targets and provide homeless and low-income people the services they need. By texting (833) 933-8398, clients can receive messages of services, such as jobs, clothing, shelter, and training.


Our vision is to establish an aggregated database with the organizations, so outreach can be easier and more efficient by contracting a broad base of those in need. We believe, after all, success begins with access.

Project Leader:

Amrutha Vaidyanatha

Our Partnerships

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