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Ignite the Seeds

“Ignite the Seeds” aims to teach low-income families, foster youth and communities to build garden beds that will provide sustainable organic produce. It has further aimed to reduce reliance on food stamps, lower food costs, and promote food compost. The project further ventured to teach families to create compost worms for healthier soil. Currently, Ignite the Seed partnered with Seattle Tilth and Labateyah Youth Home to move the project forward. We have provided business workshops to foster youth to prepare them in starting a compost business that will provide a sustainable income.


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The spark from the Dark

The “Spark from the Dark” project focuses on bringing awareness about the visually impaired and also raising funds for the National Federation of Blind in the process. The first initiative on this front was by organizing the Blind Café. The Blind Café is an event that offers a unique dining experience that helps people relate to the life of a blind person. Our future plan revolves around leveraging massage therapy provided by a blind which helps blind people to become independent as either business owners or as employees at a spa.


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One Text Away

Seeing over 11,000 people in King County who experience homelessness and/or struggle with low income, the Enactus CityU team has been working on projects with the Millionaire Club Charity (MCC) to improve their lives with jobs. 


We solved one of their problems by developing and implementing a phone program with the Millionaire Club Charity, to enable the MCC to transform into a temporary staffing agency.  Now the Enactus CityU team wanted to solve the challenge of job seekers not finding the services to help them prepare for jobs and reach a broader audience. 


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Sens + Sum

Engaging all your senses in making the best cup of coffee. We even end our lecture days drinking the coffee that we roasted. We added the word "Sum" in honor of the collaborative efforts of the visually impaired community and the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library, as they helped us conceptualize how we can use our product packaging in raising braille awareness; the women in prison as they were instrumental in transcribing our braille cards. In just a few months, 3 blind people from the National Federation of the Blind Washington Chapter will have been fully trained on how to roast, brew (french press, Aeropress, pour-overs, etc.), market, and sell high-quality coffee. 


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