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Enactus offers passionate students the opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills through learning, practicing and teaching the principles of free enterprise, thereby improving the standard of living for millions in the process. The team is guided by distinguished faculty advisors, called the “Sam Walton Fellow”. CityU’s fellow is Kathy Cox. Each team is supported by businesses from around the globe. Enactus teaches important concepts through educational outreach projects, including market economics, entrepreneurship, personal and financial success, and business ethics for social good.

During the 2017-2018 period, with 21+ members, Enactus participated in community projects impacting at least 623 individuals. The team spent more than 4,000 hours working on four brands resulting in 21 partnerships with corporations, business leaders, and local businesses.

Each year, Enactus hosts a competition where each team presents its projects. In 2017, the CityU Enactus team won a Final Four place at the Enactus National Exposition Final Round, out of the 444 teams competing. The competitions are held around the world and bring together thousands of students and business leaders. The competitions also pay tribute to the extraordinary educational outreach projects and are evaluated on how innovative, creative and effective they were in teaching these concepts:

How the Free Market works in the Global Economy


Personal Financial Success Skills

Business Ethics

Shirtie Masks

During the COVID-19 crisis, the individuals and families that are experiencing housing instability are particularly vulnerable due to the lack of medical access. In an effort to address some of the hardships, City University of Seattle Enactus team came together to respond to the crisis. 

CityU Enactus team started producing masks out of used t-shirts (the Shirtie masks) to provide protection for this vulnerable population during the crisis of COVID-19. 


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Green Energy Center

One of the 3 brands City University of Seattle Enactus team launched. According to our research, three billion people in the world cook on open fires, causing four million deaths every year, with children and women at most risk. That is as many deaths as caused by diarrhea, AIDS, and traffic accidents combined. Cooking with open fire is inefficient, unhealthy and contributes to the world climate change. Now, we have a life-changing solution. We, a group of students, who share the same idea of making the world a better place, introduce to you the “Green Energy Center”.

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Fertilives initiative solves three problems at once: reducing food waste, empowering the developmentally disabled, and providing organic fertilizer for home gardens.  We, the members of  City University Enactus Team, train the developmentally disabled residents at Rainier School to establish and maintain a sustainable business in organic fertilizer.  The three product lines developed and sold are red wigglers, worm castings, and worm tea. We provide training on how to cultivate the worms, utilize the worm castings and produce the worm tea, with all profit goes to Rainier School to expand the business further.

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