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Spark form the Dark

The “Spark from the Dark” project focuses on bringing awareness about the visually impaired and also raising funds for the National Federation of Blind in the process. The first initiative on this front was by organizing the Blind Café. The Blind Café is an event that offers a unique dining experience that helps people relate to the life of a blind person.


Currently, we have taken up another initiate that revolves around improving the quality of life of the visually impaired through training and technology. Its objective is to help the visually impaired and the blind in performing certain tasks, as well as to find stable employment in the long run.


At present, a smartphone application called the“KNFB reader” provides a simple, fast, accurate, and efficient way of converting any type of printed text into high-quality speech.


This application encourages independence and self-reliance among the visually impaired as it makes it easier to do activities of daily living such as reading documents, sorting mails, or studying class handouts.


CityU Enactus not only aims to create product awareness on another assistive device to the visually impaired community but also to provide a secondary source of income to visually impaired individuals who are willing to learn and be trained on how to market the KNFB reader to other users.


The goal is to empower the visually impaired community, increase product awareness, and to boost revenue.

Project Leader:

Patricia Sibal

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